Consistency Matters Most

We provide the highest quality clay mixtures. This is achieved through the use of intensively designed high quality equipment that has been purpose-built, providing the perfect consistency, because consistency matters.


Based in Leeuwfontein near Bronkhorstspruit & Ekandustria, Gauteng, Ndebele Mining is a leading provider of Kaolin clay and other clay mixes to industries in South Africa. We mine, process, and mix our clays with a variety of materials to suit the needs of our clients, providing a wide array of clay mixes purpose built to suit your specifications. Additionally, we have four unique clay mixes that are produced satisfying several uses. Our products can be used in various industries including fire kiln bricks, pottery, and ceramics.

We believe that consistency is key and understand that the consistent quality of our mixes is important to you. We run a sustainable mine providing quality clay mixes at better than competitive prices to suit your needs.

Equipment Garage
Equipment Garage
Plant in action on the quarry
Plant In Action On The Quarry

We form an integral part of the Ndebele community in the region, providing steady and stable employment to the local rural community. We strive to instil the values of our founders alongside those of the Ndebele culture, providing a unique working environment conducive to successful clay mix provision.

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to clay. We provide clay of optimum consistency to the many industries using clay products in South Africa. If you’re not getting your clay and clay mixes from us, you are surely missing out on the highest quality product available. We currently have four unique clay mixes created over the years by the Ndebele Mining Company’s existence, and are always available to consult with you and create a unique mix tailor-made too fit your specifications. If you need clay to make your products, we should be your first point of call. They don’t make it like they used to in the good old days, but we sure do!


Founded in 1988 by Leon Joubert, the mine has consistently provided clay mixes of the highest quality. The success of the mine can be attributed to the great team effort led by Leon and his respectable family, a family steeped in culture and heritage, which filters down to each and every staff member of the Ndebele Mining Company team.


Ndebele Mining provides a range of clay mixes with multiple uses. Please refer to the below mixes and contact us should you need any further information. We also tailor-make our clay mixes for use in pottery!

Ndebele Clay Mixes
  • NPP
  • NPC
  • NPC 1%
  • NPRaw
  • Moss Kaolin
Pottery Mixes
  • NJK Casting Slip
  • All pottery mixes can be custom made to suit the requirements of clients
  • NMF
Pugged Clay
Bulk Clay (NPC, NPC 1%. NPRaw, NPP)
NJK Pottery Mix


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P O Box 443; CULLINAN; 1000
Telephone: 082 808 9166 or 082 885 1103
Facsimile: 086 647 2022.
Email: admin@ndebelemining.co.za